Be Yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.

-Zack Wilde

You gotta do your own thing. Figure out what it is you love, what drives you and where your passion lies, do everything in your power to master it - and then figure out how to get people to happily pay you for it.
You will be a happy person. Guaranteed.

My name is Hudi Greenberger.

I am a Professional Photographer based out of Toms River, NJ (near Lakewood). Photography is my passion, turned obsession, turned profession - and I am absolutely loving every second of it!

I play guitar, I photograph, I love to cook and to take long strolls in the park.

With my camera.

Especially in the Fall...

My main gig is shooting Commercial work (loosely translated to any photography that a business would require). But I specialize in Food, Product and Architectural work. Headshots or lifestyle work with models also come to mind.

My goal, of course, is to take perfect images that capture the soul of a product, dish or space. But more than that - it's to make sure those shots help my clients make more sales. In the virtual world of online shopping or even in a print ad, fabulous imagery drives sales. When a product is only viewed on a screen - You can't touch it. You can't smell it. You can't taste it... All you can do is look at it - and dream. The sharper the photos are of the item, the more they 'pop', the more emotionally attached one gets to it and the better chance there is of turning a 'looker' into a buyer.

With years of experience and 10's of thousands of eye popping images delivered to ecstatic clients, I know what it takes. My photos will make your sales triple.

I'm looking forward to discussing with you how I can help make your business grow!

Thanks for the visit! :)